Professional examination passed for the fishery keeper

The examination consists of testing knowledge of the subject matter, which the fishery keeper directly uses for the provision of fishery keeping services. Before
taking the examination, the candidate must attend a practical training, which lasts at least 6 hours.

The practical part of the training includes familiarisation with different examples and events as well as method of action in carrying out fishery keeping service and it includes:

  • solving practical examples of acting in case of unauthorized actions in a fishing region;
  • production of written works necessary in the performance of fishery keeping service (records, reports, observations and etc.).

The examination includes the following subject matter:

  • regulations in the field of freshwater fishing, environmental protection, nature conservation and water management;
  • the basics of in fishing regions;
  • the basics of biology and fish farming;
  • the responsibilities of a fishery keeper;
  • the powers of a fishery keeper;
  • the operation of a fishery keeper;
  • action in case of fish deaths or other impacts on waters;
  • cooperation with other competent authorities.

The subject matter of the examination and practical training are determined in the programme of professional examination for the fishery keeper.

The candidate should be provided with a minimum of 4 hours of theoretical
training and all the necessary literature and legal resources needed to take the examination.


The candidate for the examination submits the application on a prescribed form. The candidate is informed of the time and place of the examination at least fifteen days prior to the examination date. All the activities are conducted through the holder of the public authorisation.


The examination consists of a written and an oral part. Before the beginning of the written part the identity of the candidate is verified. The written part of the examination consists of a test and a written exercise. The examination includes 20 questions and a written exercise in practical subject matter. The examination is taken under the supervision at least one commission member. The oral part is taken before the examination commission. The candidate takes the oral part of the examination only if he/she has reached at least 60% of points at the written part. Both the oral and written part are taken the
same day. The written part of the examination will take a maximum of 120 minutes and the oral part a maximum of 20 minutes. The examination is public.

In order to be able to take the examination, the candidate must pay participation fee in the amount of EUR 116.91.

An applicant who has passed the examination receives a certificate of passing examination. If this is not the case, the candidate may, immediately after the results are delivered, make an oral objection on the record to the secretary.

In the fishing cadastre records are kept of the examinations for the purposes of establishing qualifications for performing fishery keeping service.

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Last updated: 22. 09. 2016