Fitosanitarni pregled pošiljke krompirja

Phytosanitary inspection of potato shipment is carried out by the competent phytosanitary inspector:

  • at the first entry point to the EU, where other administrative import formalities, including customs, are performed;
  • in case of entry from another EU member state in the distributor's storage facility and randomly in accordance with the annual programme of special monitoring or if the competent authority suspects the presence of harmful organisms;
  • in case where potatoes are not stored, at any time and anywhere, if the phytosanitary inspector suspects the presence of harmful organisms.
Within the framework of the phytosanitary inspection, a visual health check of individual lots in the potato shipment is performed in such a way that at least 200 potato tubers are cut and checked for signs of brown rot and potato ring rot.
Last updated: 22. 06. 2016