Appropriate premises and equipment

An agricultural holding may have the following breeding facilities:


stables, sheds, pens, milking parlours; pools for fish breeding and fish ponds at the agricultural holding; manure storage and other facilities for animal excrements; storage facilities for fodder (e.g. hayloft, hayracks, silos, granaries, cellars) and water; other breeding facilities (fenced and non-fenced pastures with controlled pasture, fences, running grounds, outlets, small water containers and other).


To provide the appropriate quality of domestic animals and animal products, the animal breeder must use appropriate equipment for accommodation, feeding, watering, cleaning and care and the equipment for regulation of environmental conditions and transport of animal excrements in breeding individual species of domestic animals according to the zoo-hygienic and ethological standards. The breeding equipment in particular includes:


appropriate stands, boxes, fastenings, cages, stable ground, devices in pools for farming fish and fish ponds which enable domestic animals their characteristic behaviour and welfare; appropriate devices to provide suitable climate and lighting conditions; appropriate devices for the control of domestic animals; appropriate hives and loading hives; appropriate devices to regulation water in fish breeding pools and ponds.


Materials for the construction of objects, accommodation facilities, boxes and equipment for animals must not be harmful to animals. They must be strong and suitable for thorough cleaning and disinfection. Objects and equipment must be arranged so that they do not injure the animals. The spatial situation must be suitable for animal species and level of development, adaptation and domestication, physiological and ethological needs and hygienic conditions. Animals in the facilities must not be in the constant dark or the suitable application of artificial lighting must be provided. The electrical installations must be properly installed so that it does not injure the animals.

Last updated: 09. 08. 2016