Eligibility of the activities involving radiation and use sources of radiation

The use of a new type or the manner of activities, which causes exposure, and the use of each intervention action must be justified in advance in terms of economic, social or other effects in comparison with the damage to human health, which can be caused by such an activity due to exposure (eligibility principle).

The provider of radiation activity must:

  • justify the implementation of each new radiation activity and demonstrate that the benefits from the implementation of the new radiation activity would be greater than the damage to human health;
  • re-justify the implementation of radiation activity for which authorisation has already been issued if new and important evidence and findings occur about their efficacy or consequences to human health.

It is necessary to enclose an assessment of eligibility to the application for the issue of the permit for performing a new type of radiation activity and the permit for the use of a new type of radiation source or a new manner of using a radiation source that has already been tested.

If the authority competent for issuing the permit has new and important evidence about their effects or consequences, it may also request an assessment of eligibility for the issue of permit for the provision of radiation activities which have already been established or for the use of already tested radiation sources.   

Last updated: 16. 03. 2016