Ensuring exposure below the prescribed dose limits

The provider of radiation activities must ensure that the implementation of activities does not cause the doses to exceed the limit values for the exposed workers, interns and students as well as individuals in the population.

Sum of doses received by a worker, an intern, a student, a pregnant or breastfeeding woman or an individual in the population due to exposure during the provision of radiation activities may not exceed the prescribed dose limits.

The prescribed dose limits do not apply to:

  • the exposure of individuals during medical examination or during medical treatment;
  • exposure of individuals who knowingly and voluntarily assist in caring for patient's comfort during medical examination or medical treatment outside the scope of their professional activities;
  • the exposure of volunteers who participate in medical and biomedical research and who are aware of the risks.
More detailed terms and conditions are laid down in the Decree on dose limits, radioactive contamination and intervention levels.

Last updated: 16. 03. 2016