The conditions of use and operations of a nuclear/radiation facility

The nuclear or radiation facility operator must ensure in the operating period of the facility that it:

  • operates or operates on a trial basis in accordance with the approved operating conditions and restrictions;
  • uses written procedures for operations, trial operations, the termination of operations or disassembly of the facility;
  • the conditions must apply to all states of the facility which are envisaged in the security report;
  • the operator monitors their own and third party operating experience, and monitors operating indicators, indicating the security and operations of the facility;
  • monitors the ageing processes of equipment and implements measures to reduce or eliminate the effects of these processes;
  • maintains, inspects and tests the systems and components of the facility, thus ensuring their availability, reliability and the possibility that they realise their functions;
  • prepares a protection and rescue plan and, if necessary, implements it and harmonises it in cooperation with other authorities and organisations competent for handling a nuclear accident;
  • ensures training and education for employees and external services providers on radiation or the nuclear facility;
  • manages radioactive waste so that minimum radioactive waste and their emission into the environment occur according to activity and scope, and that it is processed and stored in a way appropriate for depositing waste;
  • and that operational monitoring of radioactivity in the area of the radiation or nuclear facility is ensured in accordance with the national radioactive waste and spent fuel management programme.

Detailed conditions on the physical protection of nuclear facilities are determined in the Rules on the physical protection of nuclear facilities, nuclear and radioactive material and the transport of nuclear material.

Detailed conditions on ensuring safety after the start of operations in radiation and nuclear facilities are determined in the Rules on the operational safety of radiation and nuclear facilities.

Last updated: 16. 03. 2016