Records on waste processing and record sheet

For every type of waste, a record sheet must be completed and the original waste producer is responsible for it.

Record sheet is a document that confirms the handover and acceptance of a shipment of waste when, in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, the waste is moved from the place of origin, preliminary storage or storage to the place of preliminary storage, storage or waste processing.

The record sheet must contain data on: 

  • the original producer who hands over the waste, and the place of the handover of the shipment of waste;
  • the transporter of waste and means of transport;
  • the collector if a collector accepts the waste and the place of acceptance;
  • the processor if the waste is accepted by a processor or merchant, and the place of the acceptance of the shipment of waste;
  • classification code and the quantity of waste in the shipment to be handed over and accepted;
  • place of preliminary storage if a collector accepts the waste;
  • place and procedure of processing if the waste is accepted by the processor or merchant;
  • the person providing the fulfilment of the obligations of the product manufacturers when it comes to the handover and acceptance of waste.

Record sheet must be completed with the use of the information system for the management of waste and is valid when it is authenticated with the electronic signatures of the original waste producer and the collector or processor or merchant.

Record sheet must be confirmed within 30 days after the acceptance of the shipment of non-hazardous waste and in the case of hazardous waste, on the next working day after the acceptance of the shipment of hazardous waste.

A copy of the completed record sheet which must accompany the shipment in the transport of hazardous waste must also be signed by the transporter before the start of the transport.

A processor must keep records on the waste processing containing information on the classification codes and quantities of:

  • own waste if he processes it;
  • waste accepted for processing, and their holders in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • waste accepted for processing from other EU Member States or third countries;
  • waste the processing of which was refused and their holders;
  • stored waste;
  • processed waste;
  • products of processing and residues of waste after processing and on their further management;
  • waste that has lost the status of waste (after the completion of processing into products, materials or substances for use in the original or another purpose or energy production).

Data should be entered into the record in such a manner that the chronology of the waste processing and management is clear and indicated separately according to the processing procedures.

The processor must keep the records for an individual calendar year for at least five years.

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Records on waste processing and record sheet

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Last updated: 06. 04. 2016