The report on the waste processing

No later than 31st March of the current year, a waste processor must submit a report on the waste processing for the previous calendar year to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.

To submit the report, the waste processor must use the information system for waste management that specifies the form and content of the report.

The report on the waste processing must contain the information on:

  • the name and address or company name and registered office;
  • activity;
  • registration number of the processor;
  • the information on the quantities of processed waste according to the classification code:
  • own waste that he processes;
  • waste accepted for processing from holders in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • imported waste and waste obtained from EU Member States, accepted  for processing;
  • processed waste that was stored at the end of the previous reporting period;
  • processed waste separately according to the processing procedures;
  • waste used for covering the landfill upon the removal of waste by disposal;
  • waste that have lost the status of waste.

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The report on the waste processing

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Last updated: 06. 04. 2016