Annual payment of the verification costs

Suppliers who ensure the compliance of articles with regulations must pay the annual cost according to the tariff for the annual costs of verification.

The annual costs of verification and related number of inspections depend on the volume of the annual production and the imports of articles by an individual supplier. The annual costs of verification are determined for the current calendar year in respect of the entire volume of all articles made and imported by a supplier in the previous calendar year. If a supplier is also a manufacturer and importer, the annual costs of verification are determined according to the prevailing activity.

Verification is carried out at least once annually. The subjects of verification are the system for ensuring the conformity of articles, technical documentation and the conformity of articles in the technical documentation.

The annual costs of verification are paid by suppliers. The first time suppliers settle the costs is prior to the issue of a decision on the mark of a supplier. After that, the costs must be paid annually. The payment deadline is 15 days from the issue of the invoice.

Last updated: 24. 08. 2015