Keeping the list of daily catch

A sport fisherman must:

  • keep the list of daily catch and
  • observe the permitted quantity of daily catch.


To keep the list of daily catch, a form is prescribed which is in a form of a booklet with at least ten pages of 7x10cm dimension and includes:

1. on the front page:

  • the inscription Republic of Slovenia;
  • coat-of-arms of the republic of Slovenia;
  • statement that this is the form for keeping the list of daily catch;
  • statement on the type of sport fishing;
  • validity period,
  • serial number of the issue and
  • provision on the return of the form to the holder of public authorisation.

 2. other pages include the table with headings on:

  • date of performing the fishing;
  • fish species caught;
  • number of caught fish;
  • total weight of caught fish in kilograms;
  • duration of the fishing in hours.

The form of the list of daily catch must be filled out with the date of performing the fishing, prior to the start of sport fishing.

The form must be separately filled out with the data on the catch of fish by number and weight and by species. The fisherman must return the filled out form to the holder of the public authorisation for the issue of annual sport fishing permits at least by the 15 January for the previous calendar year.


The permitted daily catch quantity is the quantity of fish which a sport fisherman may catch per a fishing day.

The permitted daily catch in sport fishing is up to 5 kg. The permitted daily catch quantity is also one fish above 5 kg or two fish with the total weight above 5 kg. A larger fish catch is permitted only in fishing competitions organised by the societies which are members of the Sea Sport Fishing Federation of Slovenia.

The list of daily catch must be always kept by the person conducting the sport fishing.

Supporting evidence

Form of annual permits to keep the list of daily catch for sport fishing

Last updated: 04. 12. 2015