Passed exam according to the industrial fishing training programme

To sit the exam according to the Training programme, the application with general information via e-mail must be submitted to the competent ministry. After the application, an applicant receives detailed content of the programme required for the preparation for the exam. With the Training programme for conducting industrial fishing, a person acquires professional competence and knowledge in the following fields: 1. Knowledge of national regulations governing the maritime fishing with an emphasis on the fishing and the requirements of the regulations governing the conservation of nature, veterinary science and food hygiene; 2. Knowledge of basic fishing regulations of the European Union with an emphasis on the knowledge of content of the regulations of the Council and the Commission governing the fishing in the Mediterranean Sea and obligations of fishermen regarding the sale and reporting; 3. Knowledge of the fisherman's status in the Republic of Slovenia; 4. Basic knowledge of sea ecology and environmental protection and conservation of nature; 5. Knowledge of fishing vessel and fishing tools and their characteristics; 6. Knowledge of fishing techniques; 7. Knowledge of living resources at sea; 8. Basic knowledge of veterinary requirements and requirements related to the food hygiene; 9. Knowledge of the rules on the sale of catch and on reporting obligations of a fisherman. The examination board determines the date, place and time of examination. An applicant receives information about that at least fourteen days before the date of the examination. Every member of the examination board asks the applicant at least on question. A record is kept on the course of examination and exam questions and the final assessment. A certificate on the passes exam is issued to an applicant who passed the exam after the training programme to practice industrial fishing. In the case that the applicant did not pass the exam the new application is registered for the next exam period. The competent authority determines exam period twice a year in spring and autumn time.

Supporting evidence

Certificate of passing exam following the training programme to practice industrial fishing

Last updated: 03. 08. 2016