Restrictions of PPP advertising

Plant protection plants which are not registered are not advertised. In every instance of advertising of the plant protection product, two sentences are included, namely: 'The plant protection product should be safely used. You should read the label and information about the product before use'. Both sentences must be legible and clearly separated from the whole advertisement, The term 'plant protection products' may be substituted with a more detailed description of the type of product, such as fungicide, insecticide or herbicide. The advertisement shall not include information in a text or graphic form which should be misleading in regard to potential health hazards for people, animals or environment, such as the terms "'low hazard', 'non-toxic' or 'harmless'. The term 'registered as a plant protection product with low hazard' is allowed in advertising only in the case of plant protection products with low hazard. The term must not be used on the label of a plant protection product. As per the legislation of the European Community, the Member State may prohibit or restrict the advertising of plant protection products in some public media. All statements used in advertising are technically substantiated. Advertisements do not include displays of potential dangerous procedures, such as mixing or use without a proper protective clothes, use in the vicinity of food or use by children or in their vicinity. The advertisement or promotion material draws attention to appropriate warning statements and symbols stated on the label.

Last updated: 11. 08. 2016