Fishing permit

A recreational fisherman may obtain a daily or weekly fishing permit which must be kept on him during the implementation.


Daily or weekly permits may be purchased at the points of sale or online. In case of the online purchase, the contractor of recreational fishing must purchase the permit at least one hour prior to the performance of fishing, otherwise the permit is invalid.


The fishing permit measures 7x10 cm in size. A weekly fishing permit is printed on a green paper, while a yellow paper is used for a daily permit; they include


1. on the front page:


the inscription Republic of Slovenia; current coat-of-arms of the Republic of Slovenia; statement on the type of permit; validity period; serial number of the issue and the price.


2. on the reverse side:


statements determined for fishing permits (name and surname, address, number of the personal identification document, place and date of the issue of the annual permit, stamp and signature of the holder of the public authorisation and authorised seller).




The fishing permit is not transferable to another person.


A fishing permit is not required for the recreational fishing from the coast.

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Fishing permit

Last updated: 11. 08. 2016