Completed training for the PPP sales person

The PPP seller must finish the training for PPP management with the authorised provider of trainings. The basic training includes a course and written examination. The course for PPP seller lasts at least 20 school hours. On the basis of the finished training on the PPP management, the provider of training issues the PPP seller the certificate on the acquisition of knowledge in the field of phytomedicine in a form of the card. The PPP seller's card is issued for the period of three years. More information regarding the training is available at the website of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection on the PPP training.


The maximum cost of the basic training is 135.00 EUR without VAT. The maximum cost of the written examination is 20.00 EUR without VAT.


Last updated: 03. 08. 2016