Proper use of plant protection products (PPP)

PPP must be properly used. The proper use includes in particular: use of PPP according to the label and instructions for use, management with PPP, which in addition to treatment includes also the preparation of spraying broth before the treatment, handling with the residue of spraying broth in reservoirs of devices after the treatment and cleaning of devices, used after the treatment in the way which does not endanger health of people and environment, storage of PPP in the way as to prevent the hazards to the health of people and environment, observance of special measures for protection of bees, prevention of PPP application, time restriction of the access of people to the recently treated surfaces, observance of the goods practice of plant protection and good agricultural practice in using the seeds treated with PPP.


In using PPP the user must also observe the provisions of regulations governing the water protection, environment protection, safety and health at work, waste and public order and peace and special measures of the act regulating the transport and application of PPP.


Special measures include the prohibition of the treatment from the air, protective measures of water environment and drinking water, reduction of the use or risks due to use of PPP in special areas, reduction of use or risks due to use of PPP in public areas and integrated protection of plants against pests. A PPP user must immediately notify the competent authority or phytosanitary inspector on the unwanted effects of PPP detected in the use of PPP (e.g. regarding the potentially dangerous or unwanted effect of PPP or PPP residue on the health of people, animals, environment, treated plants or plants in crop rotation.

Last updated: 10. 08. 2016