Fulfilment of requirements of health status, variety and quality of agricultural material

Reproduction and planting material must fulfil the requirements regarding the health status, variety and quality. Reproduction and planting material must be at least on the basis of a visual inspection without pests and diseases which could affect its quality or without any signs or symptoms of the presence of pests which reduce its applicability. Reproduction and planting material must have suitable presence and purity regarding the species or genus which it belongs to and be authentic and pure in terms of variety. It must be undamaged, properly vital and of dimensions allowing it to be used as a reproduction and planting material. The supervision over the reproduction and planting material is conducted by the phytosanitary inspectors. To provide the compliance of the reproduction material they carry out:


supervision over suppliers who have the permit to issue labels and certificates of the supplier on the basis of annual inspections at the suppliers; random inspections of all suppliers entered in the register of suppliers for production, market preparation or marketing of reproduction and planting material; subsequent control of reproduction and planting material in the market.

Supporting evidence

Official supervision of suppliers and production

Last updated: 16. 08. 2016