Professional competence

An animal caretaker must be professionally trained to conduct the tasks of animal caretaking. The programme of professional training for animal caretakers is conducted with the purpose of acquiring basic knowledge in the field of animal caretaking and lasts from 3 to maximum 6 school hours. The programme covers the following topics:


breeding and handling of domestic animals; health care of domestic animals; fodder and feeding of domestic animals, prevention of the occurrence of residues in the foodstuffs of animal origin; animal products; handling with livestock fertilisers; zoo-hygienic standards; breeding programme in livestock production, organisation of breeders; legislation in the field of livestock.


An applicant lodges an application with the training provider. The material is prepared by the training provider in a written from and in the Slovenian language for each participant. The costs of training and issuing of official certificates are borne by the participant After the completed training, the participant receives the certificate of completed training.

Supporting evidence

Certificate of completed training

Last updated: 03. 08. 2016