Additional professional knowledge

After successfully passing the test of qualification, the workers are obliged to regularly acquire additional knowledge in the field of regulations, management of documentary material in physical and digital form, information technology and archive science in their broadest sense.

The acquired additional professional knowledge of a worker is assessed with credit points every three years after the passed test of professional qualification. In three years, a worker must acquire 3 credit points, 2 of them in the field of his operation.

The national archives may issue a certificate on the cooperation of a worker with the national archives, if it assess that within the scope of the participation in working groups of the national archives for the preparation of regulations, uniform technological demands or other expert groundwork in the field of protecting the documentary and archived materials the worker proved successful or acquired knowledge in the field of his operation and thus award the prescribed number of credit points for the period of three years.

If a worker does not acquire a sufficient number of credit points in the period of three years, he must resit the test of professional qualification within one year. Otherwise, the worker's recognition of professional qualification is terminated.

Workers may acquire additional professional knowledge at professional trainings that are in addition to the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and regional archives organised also by other persons and organisations. At least once a year, the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia determine and publish on-line which professional trainings award credit points and how many credit points are awarded by an individual professional training. Each individual training course may award a minimum of 0.1 of credit point and the maximum of 1 credit point.

To acquire credit points, the applicant must pay an administrative fee in the amount of 4.54 EUR for the application and a fee in the amount of 18.12 EUR for the decision; therefore the total amount is 22.66 EUR.

The applicant is entitled to file a complaint against the decision of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia or an objection against the decision or decree with the Ministry of Culture in fifteen days after receiving the decision.

Last updated: 03. 12. 2015