Status and registration

Registration and appropriate status form are required in order to pursue the activity. 

The provider of services is a legal or natural entity who provides the services of collection, storage and auxiliary services to other natural or legal entities. 

The provider of services must fulfil general conditions:

  • he must be registered with the competent court or other authority;
  • must not be a party to initiated compulsory settlement, bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings, other proceedings the consequence or purpose of which is the termination of the providers operation; the operations of the provider are not managed by the special administration or that no other proceedings are initiated which are similar to the foregoing proceedings as per the regulations of the country where the provider has his head office;
  • he is not convicted res judicata for an offence related to the bribery and the conviction is not yet deleted;
  • he is economically and financially solvent;
  • that no serious professional error was proven to the provider in the field related to the services of storage and auxiliary services.

Supporting evidence

  • Extract from the Business Register (AJPES) the competent authority acquires it ex officio.
Last updated: 13. 03. 2017