Passed professional examination in the field of social security

The professional examination in the field of social security is taken by employees and other workers in the field of social security who are trained for professional work, prove at least one year of work experience in the respective field and have obtained appropriate education, and workers who want to pursue the tasks of professional manager of the provider of social security services.

The Social Chamber of Slovenia carries out professional examinations according to the public authorisation. The professional examination is carried out at the facilities of the Social Chamber of Slovenia. The candidates send an application form (Form SZS SI-1) with evidence on the fulfilment of conditions at least one month before the desired examination period.

Examination periods are determined once a month. The examination lasts two days.

The written part is usually carried out in the second week in a month, while the oral part takes place in the third. Examinations are not carried out in summer time, i.e. in July and August. Examinations in the month of December are scheduled in the first two weeks.

The written part of professional examination: the title of the written assignment is determined from the selected field which the candidate selects in the application form. The written examination means the beginning of the professional examination. Candidates receive an invitation at least 15 days before a specific examination period.

The oral part of the professional examination: it is performed according to the programme of the professional examination in the field of social security.  The candidates who sat the professional examination in other field shall submit the evidence to their application and may thus sit an additional professional examination. The expert service of the Chamber annual reviews the programme of the professional examination with legal and other sources that more specifically define the content of the programme of the professional examination.  

The candidates receive more detailed legal content referring to the programme of the professional examination and which knowledge a candidate shall also obtain from the preparatory seminars for the professional examination.  The list of individual preparatory seminars implemented by the Chamber throughout the year is constantly published in a monthly forecast of education programmes.  

The price of the professional examination (also additional examination) is 225.00 EUR including 22 % VAT. If the candidates resit one of the examination fields, the price is 125.00 EUR including 22 % VAT.

Supporting evidence

Certificate of the passed professional examination

Last updated: 10. 12. 2015