Management of databases

The data bases, covering the whole national system of social security, are managed in the field of social security for the needs of implementing social security activities stipulated by law, planning of the social security policy, monitoring of the state as well as for scientific and research and statistical purposes.  

Databases include the data on:

  • services,
  • other assistance for the individual,
  • exemption from service payment,
  • providers of social security activity,
  • funding of social security activity,
  • implementation of other tasks entrusted to the providers of the activity by law as public authorisations, and tasks imposed on the providers of the activity by other regulations. 
Databases are managed and maintained by social security institutes and other legal and natural entities that pursue the social security activity according to the regulations on the social security (managers of databases) and managers of central databases stipulated by law.

Legal basis

Last updated: 10. 12. 2015