Regular certification of metering devices

The scales used for measuring in the following fields:

  • protection of human and animal health,
  • environmental protection and general technical safety,
  • goods and services traffic,
  • procedures before administrative and judicial authorities

must fulfil metrology requirements confirmed with the first and regular certification during the whole period of application.

The first certification of the metering device is the examination of the new metering device and confirmation of its conformity with the approved type and/or prescribed metrology requirements for the respective type of metering device. The first certification is provided by the producer of the metering device or his authorised representative.

Regular certification of the metering device must be provided by its owner.

The extraordinary certification is mandatory for metering devices which were excluded from application due to re-modelling, fault or other technical deficiencies. The compliance of metering devices with the metrology requirements is determined by applying the extraordinary certification. The extraordinary certification is provided by the holder of the metering device.

Regular and extraordinary certifications are conducted by the Metrology Institute or the appointed legal entity or sole trader.

Supporting evidence

Certification designation on the metering device.

Last updated: 06. 03. 2017