Restriction on animal testing and the sharing of obligations if additional testing is required

The responsible person may start their own research and testing on vertebrates only after the data requested from the competent authority for the preparation of the risk assessment can not be obtained on the basis of a payment or other acceptable conditions from previous producers, importers or other sources. If testing on vertebrates is unavoidable for the acquisition of data, the person liable must do everything to limit the testing to the smallest extent possible or replace it with alternative methods. All research and testing must be implemented in accordance with best laboratory practices.

In the case of a substance from the priority list being produced or imported by several producers or importers, the obligations as per the preceding paragraph may be met by only one producer or importer who is appointed as a joint representative and acts in the name of other responsible persons who may share the obligation under the preceding paragraph by common consent. In the event of such an agreement, other responsible persons may refer to the adopted agreement when submitting their data.

All liable persons must submit a written statement to the competent authority that clearly states which responsible person will be acting as a joint representative.

Last updated: 07. 01. 2016