Other authorisations

Temporary authorisation

A temporary authorisation of a biocidal product is issued for a biocidal product consisting of an new active substance which has not been approved yet.

If the Commission determines that the new active substance is not to be approved, the competent authorities which issued a temporary authorisation or the Commission revoke this authorisation.

Approval of testing

If a trial or a test which may include, or result in, the release of a biocidal product in the environment is performed, it is necessary to inform in advance the competent authority of the member state in the which the trial or test will be implemented. The notification must include a description of the biocidal product or the active substance, data on labelling and supplied quantities and all available data on possible impacts on human or animal health or the environment.

The reported trial or test may be implemented only if approved by the competent authority.

Last updated: 08. 01. 2016