Passed professional examination

A candidate must complete an internship and a professional examination.

The internship is implemented in health-care institutions, at private health-care providers and other institutions which provide health-care services and meet the prescribed conditions for implementation of internship.

Candidates with secondary school education sit for the professional examination at health-care institutions authorised for the implementation of professional examinations by the minister.

The professional examination programme includes:

  •  expert content of the vocational field;
  • first aid – organisation and giving of aid in ordinary and extraordinary conditions; social pharmacy;
  • bases of legal arrangements in the field of health-care activities, health care and health insurance.

The candidate submits the application for the professional examination to the employer.

Employers send the applications for their employees to an authorised health-care institution.

The application for the professional examination must be accompanied by:

  •  a certified copy or certified transcript of the diploma or a school-leaving certificate;
  • document for internship and practical training which must show the course of the internship programme in terms of time and content;
  • test of practical knowledge and opinion of the mentor on the trainee’s competence, and the certificate of payment of costs for the exam.

The costs are covered by the employer or the candidate and amount to EUR 200.00 and must be settled at least five days before the deadline determined for the examination.

Supporting evidence

Certificate of professional examination

Last updated: 08. 01. 2016