Annual work plan

Annual work plans determine the content, volume and organisation of education and other work in accordance with the curriculum and syllabuses, and the volume, content and organisation of interest and other activities carried out by schools. They determined:

  • the work of school counselling and other services,
  • the work of the school library,
  • activities through which the school integrates into the environment,
  • the volume of activities which provide pupils' healthy development, forms of cooperation with parents,
  • expert training for teachers and other workers,
  • cooperation with higher education institutes that train teachers,
  • research institutions,
  • consulting and advisory centres,
  • cooperation with outsourcers, and
  • other tasks required to realise the programme of the elementary school.
Annual work plans are adopted by elementary school councils no later than by the end of September in each school year.

Legal basis

Last updated: 09. 02. 2016