Language of instruction

The language of instruction in vocational education is Slovenian. The language of instruction in vocational schools in the language of an ethnic community is Italian, and in bilingual vocational schools Slovenian and Hungarian.

In areas where Slovenians and members of the Italian ethnic community live, and which are defined as ethnically mixed areas, students in vocational schools with Slovenian language of instruction learn Italian, and students in vocational schools with Italian language of instruction learn Slovenian.

In agreement with the minister responsible for education, part of the educational programme which includes an acknowledged foreign expert or international exchange may be carried out in a foreign language. A foreign expert usually participates at theoretical lessons as the second teacher. If they provide education independently, the volume must not exceed one third of the anticipated subject of module. In this case, the school must ensure that students also know Slovenian expert terminology well. Slovenian as the language of instruction must be used for assessment.

Last updated: 09. 02. 2016