Practical training

Practical training in vocational and professional education is carried out in the form of practical lessons or practical training by working.

Schools carry out practical lessons, while practical training by working is provided by employers. The total volume of practical lessons and practical training by working is determined in the educational programme. Agricultural schools may carry out practical training by working at school estate.

Part of practical training by working for employers may be carried out in business-to-business education centres. Business-to-business education centres are organised as an institution, company or organisational unit of an institution, company or another legal entity.

In addition to practical training by working, business-to-business education centres may also provide the preparation of applicants for:

  • master-craftsmen, foreman or shop-manager exams;
  • the verification of national vocational qualifications;
  • practical work of final exams and vocational school-leaving exam.

Business-to-business education centres may also provide training for the needs of technological changes in work processes and to enhance the competitiveness of the economy.

Rights and obligations of schools, students ad employers in practical education are determined with a training contract. A training contract may be an individual training contract if concluded between an employer an a student and their parents or legal representative or a collective training contract if concluded between a school and an employer.

Practical and theoretical training of students may be carried out for a maximum of eight hours daily, but it may not exceed weekly work obligation reduced by two hours determined by law and a collective contract. If theoretical training is carried out for five hours, practical training by working for an employer must not take place. If practical training by working is carried out for four or more straight hours per day, students must have at least a 30-minute break during this time. Students who have been in training for more than nine months must have at least eight weeks of holidays per year.

Last updated: 09. 02. 2016