Music school publication

Music schools must present rights and obligations of students, the characteristics of the educational programme and the work organisation of music schools to students and parents in a special publication.

In additional to the compulsory part, publication may have an additional part where other characteristics and special features of schools are presented to students and parents. The content of the additional part and its title is determined by the head teacher in agreement with the school council.

Music school publications must include information about the school, the presentation of the programme, the organisation of work, and the presentation of house rules that apply to students.

Publications of private music schools, in addition to the compulsory part, must also present teaching principles if their educational programme differs from the state-approved programme, and a detailed organisation of work in the school.

When publications are prepared by music schools for the first time, they must be distributed to all students of the school.

In each school year after that, music schools must issue a renewed publication or an addition to the previous publication with information and changes in the current school year by the end of September.

When issued, one copy of the publication is sent by music schools to the founder and school management.

Last updated: 09. 02. 2016