Annual work plan

Education in grammar schools is carried out according to annual work plans which contain especially:

  • volume and organisation of lessons and other forms of education according to curricula;
  • distribution of students by and classes and groups;
  • deadlines for exams;
  • professional training for expert workers;
  • cooperation with other schools, halls of residence, and research, sports in cultural organisations;
  • and other tasks.

When adopting annual work plans, their financial feasibility is specially assessed.

In annual work plans, schools may anticipate organised education that is not part of the curriculum for students who desire such education and in agreement with their parents.

Schools must present rights and obligations of students, the characteristics of the educational programme and the work organisation of schools to students and parents.

Schools keep school chronicles.

Schools adapt the implementation and duration of educational programmes especially to talented students and students with special needs. In accordance with norms and standards, schools provide additional assistance for these students, organise classes with less students, and facilitates the use of required special equipment and study material.

Legal basis

Last updated: 09. 02. 2016