Verified teaching skills

Applicants must have verified teaching skills.

Candidates for election to the titles of a scientific worker, expert adviser, senior expert, expert, librarian and teaching assistant do not need to show their teaching competences for first election.

Teaching skills of persons to be elected to title “higher education lecturer” for the first time are shown with a test lecture.

Each time higher education lecturers and higher education workers are elected to a more senior title or re-elected, they must submit the opinion of the students' representative council which is based on the results of a survey among students or other instruments for the verification of teaching work.

Elements of the assessment of teaching competence of candidates for election to title are:

  • comprehensibility and systematic approach to lectures, exercises, seminars, consultations and tests of knowledge;
  • successful mentoring with diplomas, specialisations, master's degrees, doctor's degrees, and life-long and other post-graduate education;
  • mentoring exchange students and student research work;
  • attitude to students;
  • promotion of scientific, artistic, teaching and professional work;
  • preparation, professional, pedagogical and methodical or didactic value of teaching aids, study materials and textbooks, development of laboratories or other specialised units that support the teaching process;
  • evidence supported pedagogical training according to general programmes of pedagogical training or individual programmes of the higher education institution.
Last updated: 10. 02. 2016