Professional competence

Applicants must undergo a professional and practical training programme.

The professional training programme comprises general and special parts.

Applicants' professional competence is verified with a test of knowledge. The final success of the test is established by the examination board with “pass” or “fail”.

Applicants may retake the test twice. If an applicant fails the test in one or two subjects, only the test in that subject is repeated. If an applicant fails the test for the third time, they must undergo professional training again.

The price of professional training and tests of knowledge is calculated in accordance with the price list.

Applicants who pass the test are issued a certificate of professional competence.

The certificate is valid for five years. After the certificate expires, applicants must occasionally take a written test. When taking the occasional test, applicants receive a test paper with questions from the general and special parts of the programme. The test paper includes three questions from each subject with one correct and two incorrect answers.

The test in each part is passed, if the answers to at least two questions are correct. Workers must also undergo practical training in energy devices. During practical training, workers carry out practice supervised by their mentors. The duration of practical training is two months.

Supporting evidence

Certificate of professional competence

Last updated: 10. 02. 2016