Recognition of professional qualifications

An applicant lodging an application with the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning (ZAPS) initiates the procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications.

The General Administrative Procedure Act regulates the procedure.

Within five days of receiving the application, the Chamber must notify the applicant that the application is incomplete and ask the applicant to submit the missing items.

Upon receiving a complete application, the Chamber must issue a decision within two months. The applicant must be entered in the register of the licensed architects within eight days of the date of the decision. Membership of the Chamber, which is obligatory, starts on the date of entry in the register.

Conditions and proofs

Application dossier ali application for marketing authorization

Legal basis/grounds

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Administrative dispute
  • Administrative silence: Procedures concerning the temporary pursuit of a regulated profession do NOT include the provisions of the Act on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications on the presumption that in case of a public authority’s failure to respond, an individual may pursue a regulated profession in the Republic of Slovenia.
Last updated: 10. 09. 2019