Decision on appointing a court expert or appraiser

A decision on appointing a court expert or appraiser is issued by the minister responsible for justice.

To be appointed an expert or appraiser, a person should file the prescribed application form at the minstry.

An expert or appraiser may commence work after they have taken an oath before the minister.

The appointment of court experts or appraisers is published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia.

The ministry provides a stamp and card for the expert or appraiser at the expert's or appraiser's costs.

A court expert or appraiser is entered in the directory of court experts or directory of court appraisers managed by the ministry for justice.

Application dossier ali application for marketing authorization

Legal basis/grounds

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Administrative dispute

Other activities

Regardless of the fact that a court expert is appointed for an unlimited period of time, after five years from the day of the appointment and later every five years, they must submit to the minister responsible for justice evidence of professional training, and knowledge of new discoveries and methods in their profession or of participation at consultations and professional education organised by the competent state authority, an authorised organisation or professional organisation.

Within five years, an expert must attend at least five professional training courses.

If an expert does not submit evidence of professional training, the minister orders their suspension and initiates proceedings to discharge the expert.

Last updated: 25. 02. 2014