Verified veterinary organisation

Verification happens when the commission of the Slovenian Veterinary Chamber establishes whether a veterinary hospital or organisation fulfils all HR, spatial, technical conditions and conditions regarding equipment for a specific form of organisation.

The veterinary hospital/organisation must file a request for verification at the Slovenian Veterinary Chamber.

Fifteen days before the verification procedure, the Chamber notifies the applicant on the time and structure of the three-member commission.

The verification procedure encompasses:

  • A review of HR documentation (employment contract, M1/M forms – registration of health, pension and disability insurance);
  • A review of operating permit;
  • A review of maintenance documentation, calibration of equipment and electrical voltage measurements and spatial illumination;
  • A review of documents on the removal of harmful medical waste and cadavers;
  • A review of rooms;
  • The preparation of minutes;

On the basis of the minutes and the commission's opinion, the executive director issues a decision on the completion or non-completion of determined conditions within 30 days.

Conditions and evidence

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal

Other activities

Regular professional supervision performed by the Slovenian Veterinary Chamber.

Regular professional supervision in veterinary organisations is performed at least once in ten years; extraordinary professional supervision can be implemented upon the initiative of users of performers of veterinary activities on the basis of founded grounds.

The list of veterinary organisations subject to supervision in a specific year is published by the Slovenian Veterinary Chamber on its website.

Last updated: 10 years

Last updated: 06. 07. 2015