Permanent authorisation for producing hazardous chemicals

Legal and natural entities who produce hazardous chemicals in the Republic of Slovenia must have authorisation for producing hazardous chemicals.

The authorisation is issued based on the application and submitted evidence on fulfilling the conditions.

The authority responsible for chemicals manages a list of legal and natural entities with acquired authorisation for the production of hazardous chemicals.

Applicants can send their applications in electronic form to

If an electronic application is submitted, the administrative fee for the application in the amount of EUR 4.54 does not need to be paid.

The production of hazardous chemicals can be performed by legal and natural entities which prove to the authority a competence for chemicals:

  •  that they have their head office in the Republic of Slovenia or in any of the EU member countries, whereby the latter must have a subsidiary or natural or legal entity in the Republic of Slovenia, which is authorised to work in their name and for their account;
  • that they have professionally qualified staff with regard to the type and scope of activity and that the staff has knowledge that enables the implementation of obligations and the fulfilment of requirements in accordance with this act;
  • that they perform special technical or organisational measures for transactions with hazardous chemicals, their production, storage or use, which are required for protecting the health of people and the environment;
  • that they fulfil the requirements with regard to facilities and the requirements with regard to the allocation and protection of individual groups of chemicals;
  • that there has been no final court judgement issued to withdraw the permit that would show that the holder of the permit, who is a natural entity, has intentionally for benefit abused the permit for the production or transactions of special groups of chemicals that are regulated by the Act on Strategic Materials of Special Significance for Safety and Health and the Illicit Drug Precursors Act.

 Description of the authorisation issue procedure

Conditions and evidence

Last updated: 10. 02. 2016