Licence certificate to manage a security control centre

A licence is a permit to perform one or more forms or tasks of private security which is granted to a legal entity with a licence certificate. The basic conditions required to acquire a licence in the field of protecting persons and property are:

  • they have a permanently employed security manager who works full-time or the person is a security manager;
  • related persons are vetted for security and there are no security reservations;
  • related persons are not combined in a legal entity the licence of which has been revoked and the prohibition measure is still in force;
  • the procedure to revoke the licence has not been initiated against the applicant;
  • within the previous two years, a measure of temporary or conditional revocation of the licence has not been issued against the applicant, and the prohibition measure on the licence is still in force;
  • suitable professionally trained security staff are employed;
  • an internal act which determines the designation, work clothes, equipment and vehicles; damage liability insurance;
  • are the owners or tenants of business premises in the Republic of Slovenia.

In addition to the general conditions, the applicant must meet the special conditions for managing a security control centre:

  • they have at least ten permanently employed security control centre operators who work full-time;
  • they have the premises and equipment which meet the prescribed standards for security control centres.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal

Legal basis/grounds

Last updated: 06. 03. 2014