Firearms licence

To do their work, security guard bodyguards need a firearms licence or authorisation to carry firearms.

A firearms licence allows a person to possess and carry registered firearms and is issued for a period of ten years for security firearms. On the basis of a firearms licence, persons may carry firearms ready for use.

An authorisation to carry firearms allows a person to carry an individual firearm which is entrusted to them on the basis of a licence to carry firearms. A licence to carry firearms allows legal entities and entrepreneurs to possess firearms which may be entrusted to authorised persons. This licence is issued by the holder of the licence to carry firearms.

Companies, entrepreneurs and other legal entities may be issued a licence to purchase firearms or a licence to carry firearms for security firearms.

A foreigner who has a permanent or temporary residence permit for a period of at least one year without interruptions in the Republic of Slovenia, is, regarding the purchase, possession and carrying of firearms, have the same rights as Slovenian nationals.

Persons residing in an EU Member State may import firearms to Slovenia if the firearms are registered with the European Firearms Pass and their entry has previously been approved by the Ministry of the Interior. A licence is issued for a period of one year.

At the request of a person residing in Slovenia, the competent authority issues a European Firearms Pass on condition that the person already has a firearms licence to posses or carry firearms for the requested firearm. A European Firearms Pass is issued for a period of five years and costs EUR 7.90.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal

Other activities

A person may submit an application for a permit to buy firearms to the administrative unit in the area of their permanent residence. A permit to buy firearms is valid for six months.

A permit to buy ammunition is valid for six months.

A firearms licence for security firearms is valid for ten years.

An authorisation to carry firearms is issued by a holder of the licence to carry firearms and is valid for five years after the confirmation by the competent authority.

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Last updated: 03. 03. 2014