Operating permit

In order to operate a ski slope, the operator must obtain an operating permit issued by the minister competent for traffic.

In order to obtain the operating permit, the ski slope operator must provide: 

  • insurance against avalanches in avalanche-prone sections of the ski slope;
  • protection next to precipices and other dangerous areas;
  • protection around ski lift towers on ski slopes;
  • order and protection of waiting queues in front of ski lift facilities;
  • suitably prepared open ski slopes;
  • marked borders of the ski slopes;
  • warning and notification signs;
  • a rescue and control unit;
  • a telephone connection with the information centre; night-time operation if the ski slope operates at night;
  • ski slope capacity.  

Furthermore, the operator must provide at least one supervisor who may, at the same time, serve as a rescuer provided that he is suitably trained and meets all of the required conditions.

Legal basis/grounds

Responsible: Ministry of Infrastructure | Last updated: 26. 02. 2016