Notification of an authority for the establishment of conformity of measuring instruments

Notified bodies for the establishment of conformity of measuring instruments are legal entities and sole traders who were appointed by the director of the Metrology Institute. Their task is to establish conformity of measuring instruments with crucial requirements, and carry out procedures to establish conformity.

The procedure to appoint a legal entity or a sole trader commences by filing a request for notification at the Metrology Institute. The director of the Institute appoints a three or more-member committee which prepares an opinion on the suitability of the request. Based on the study of the request, submitted documentation and assessment visit with the applicant, the director provides an opinion. The committee issues its own opinion no later than one month of the date when the request is compete. Then the committee submits the request to the director of the Institute who issues a decision on the appointment or rejects the request for appointment.

The notification is carried out by the minister responsible for the economy on the basis of the minister responsible for metrology. The body for the establishment of conformity is notified to the European Commission, and to Member States of the European Community and of the European Economic Area.

The establishment of conformity is carried out at the national and European levels. At the national level, persons appointed by the Metrology Institute carry out the task, while at the European level, persons notified by the European Commission who were previously appointed by the Institute establish conformity of measuring instruments.

The notification includes:

  • a statement of the notified body,
  • module for conformity establishment,
  • identification number determined by the Commission,
  • types of measuring instruments to which the notification refers,
  • and if necessary, accuracy classes of measuring instruments, measuring technology and all qualities of the measuring instruments that limit the scope of the notification.

Acquisition of a permit

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal
  • Competent authority: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
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