Professional examination for patent agents

A professional examination verifies whether the applicant has all the required knowledge to independently represent clients in the procedures for the acquisition of industrial property rights before the Office.

Professional examination for patent agents tests the knowledge of applicants in the field of industrial property law.

Applicants submit a written application to register for the examination.

The application must include the information about the applicant (name, surname, address, telephone number) and evidence of the applicant's qualifications.

Professional examination is carried out at the Office before a three-member board that carries out written and oral examination, and decides whether the applicant has passed the relevant professional examination.

Applicants who have passed professional examination receive a certificate of passing professional examination.

If applicants fail in one thematic area of the oral part of the examination, they may resit the examination.

A resit only includes the oral examination and only the thematic area which the applicant has not passed. Resitting the examination costs EUR 54.37.

Legal basis/grounds

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