Licence to carry out investment services and transactions

A brokerage company may pursue those activities for which it has acquired a licence to carry out investment services and transactions. The licence is issued by the Securities Market Agency.

A special form for filing an application to issue the licence is not prescribed. Applicants merely address the required evidence to the Agency.

Companies must pay a fee for the licence to be issued. The amount of the fee for the issue of the licence depends on the number of investment services and transactions the company wishes to carry out. Regardless of the number, the fee must not be lower than EUR 800 and no higher than EUR 2,400.

On the basis of the licence issued, the Agency enters the company in the register of companies with a licence.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal
  • Competent authority: Securities Market Agency (ATVP)
Last updated: 14. 08. 2015