Stockbroker licence

Stockbrokers may carry out transactions if they acquire a stockbroker licence. The licence is issued by the Securities Market Agency.

To acquire the licence, they must pass the test of professional knowledge and meet the required conditions.

When they pass the test of knowledge, they must file a request for the issue of a stockbroker licence at the Securities Market Agency. In addition to evidence of fulfilment of the conditions, they must also submit a personal identity document and a certificate of payment of the fee.

The Agency may reject the request to issue a stockbroker licence if it establishes that a stockbroker would jeopardise the operations of a brokerage company by the services and transactions carried out or by actions they have done.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal
  • Competent authority: Securities Market Agency (ATVP)
Last updated: 14. 08. 2015