Licence to pursue the activity of insurance brokerage

Prior to entering the establishment or a change in activity in the court register, an insurance brokerage company must acquire a licence to pursue the activity of insurance brokerage from the Insurance Supervision Agency.

The following must be attached to a request for the issue of a licence:

1. the statute in the form of a certified copy of a notarial record;

2. a list of shareholders with their names and surnames, and address, and company and head office, the total nominal amount of shares and per cent of participation in the share capital;

3. for shareholders – legal entities that are owners of qualifying holdings

 - an extract from the court register or another suitable public register;

- if a shareholder is a public limited liability company, also an extract of shareholders from the shareholders' register or if bearer shares were issued, a certified copy of a notarial record of persons present at the last General Meeting; shareholders that are foreign legal entities must submit documents in a certified translation,

- financial statements for the last two financial years;

4. a list of persons who are related to the holders of qualifying holdings, including a description of the relation;

5. a copy of the contract of professional liability insurance;

6. a certificate of payment of the fee.

If an insurance brokerage company had its licence to purse the activity of insurance brokerage withdrawn, the Insurance Supervision Agency must not issue a licence to pursue the activity for five years after the decision on the withdrawal of the licence became final.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Administrative dispute
  • Competent authority: Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia
Last updated: 14. 08. 2015