Permit for the implementation of radio or television activity

The permit for the implementation of radio or television activity is issued by the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia.

Prior to the submission of the application the applicant must have registered activity; the applicant's medium must be entered in the register of media.

The applicant submits a written application for the acquisition of the permit that must contain: 

  • data on the broadcaster of the radio or television programme,
  • indication of activity that is envisaged for implementation,
  • name of the radio or television programme that will be broadcast,
  • completed form on basic programme demands that the broadcaster will consider at programme distribution.

The Agency issues the permit upon the preliminary opinion of the Broadcasting Council.

After each public tender, where the broadcaster was granted the right to the use of radio frequencies for programme distribution in analogue technology or the right to programme distribution on the tendered area in digital technology, the Agency will supplement the broadcaster's permit with additional programme requirements assumed by the broadcaster at the public tender, i.e. by issuing a new permit to the broadcaster.

The old permit ceases to apply. Based on the application of the permit's holder, the basic programme demands under the permit may be altered, whereas the purpose of broadcasting and the basic content starting points for the programme may not significantly change. Additional programme demands cannot be altered. 

The holder of the permit can transfer their right arising from the permit with a legal transaction to another legal or natural person that fulfils the prescribed conditions for the acquisition of the permit, whereas, programme requirements must remain unaltered.

List of activities

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