The notification to the Agency on providing public communication networks or implementing public communication services

Prior to the start or change of providing public communication networks or implementing public communication services, the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia must be notified in written form.

By notifying the Agency, the operator acquires the right to negotiate with other operators on internet connection and acquires operator access or internet access from them as well as the possibility to be determined as the provider of a universal service.

The notification must contain data which the Agency needs for maintaining an official list of operators and control, i.e.:

  • name, address and tax number for natural persons,
  • company name, head office, tax number and legal representative for legal entities,
  • short description of public communication networks or public communication services, including the description of typical physical and environmental features of networks and devices and the method of their implementation,
  • envisaged date of initiation or the modification of providing public communication networks or the implementation of public communication services the Agency automatically enters the operator in the official register after receiving the notification with all necessary information and simultaneously sends a confirmation of the entry in the official register.

Acquisition of a permit

Responsible: Ministry of Culture | Last updated: 14. 12. 2015