Entry in the register of foreign correspondence offices

Prior to the initiation of performance of activities in Slovenia, a foreign correspondence office must be entered in the register of foreign correspondence offices and correspondents. With this entry, the foreign correspondence office obtains accreditation in the Republic of Slovenia.

The application for the entry in the register is lodged by the management of the foreign medium or foreign press agency at the Ministry of Culture.

The following data must be indicated in the proposal for the entry of the correspondence office in the register:

  • company name and head office of the press agency or medium publisher, establishing the correspondence,
  • the name of the medium,
  • data on the registration of the foreign press agency or foreign medium in the country of origin,
  • head office of the correspondence in the Republic of Slovenia,
  • name and surname of the correspondence manager.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Administrative dispute
  • Competent authority: Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Other activities

The ruling on accreditation shall be issued to a foreign correspondence office with a period of validity of one year, and may be renewed, if an application for renewal before the expiry of validity.

Legal basis/grounds

Responsible: Ministry of Culture | Last updated: 17. 12. 2015