Concession agreement for fisheries management

Fisheries management is conducted based on the concession for fishing districts.

The concessionaire can be a legal or natural entity who must fulfil the following conditions:

  • they are registered for fishery activities,
  • they are not in the compulsory settlement, bankruptcy or liquidation procedure,
  • in the past five years before the publication of the public tender, no final legal decision for a criminal act has been issued,
  • their taxes, contributions and other mandatory state taxes are settled,
  • they have appropriate premises for performing administrative matters,
  • they have computer hardware and software that enables the access to the fishing cadastre.

The tasks of the concessionaire are:

  • to prepare and adopt the annual programme,
  • to implement fishing,
  • to implement electrical fishing for co-natural breeding, intervention catching of fish and catching of fish for scientific and research requirements,
  • activities for the preservation of good condition of fish,
  • implementation of tasks and activities at fish kill,
  • managing prescribed registers,
  • reporting,
  • professional training of fishermen,
  • implementing supervisory tasks of the fishery keepers,
  • other concession-related tasks.

The concessionaire must ensure the implementation of tasks in sustainable management with fisheries resources.

The concession is granted based on a public tender, implemented by the competent authority. The concession is granted for 30 years. The amount of the offered concession fee is considered at the selection of the concessionaire. If there are several bids with the same amount of the concession fee, the following is considered:

  • managing fisheries facilities that are intended for breeding fish species that are envisaged for repopulation in the fish farming plan,
  • the number of professionally qualified workers in fisheries.

The concessionaire receives the decision on the selection of the concessionaire. The selected concessionaire concludes a concessional contract with the competent authority.

The concessionaire must ensure professionally qualified staff, i.e. fishery manager, electrical fishing provider, fishery keeper and fish farmer, if they own a fish farm.

An organisation that wishes to acquire the concession, must have an appropriate number of members, from whom it cannot require a membership fee and must enable the purchase of fishing licences also to non-members.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Administrative dispute
  • Competent authority: Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia
Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 17. 05. 2016