Decision on the appointment for conducting efficiency tests of plant protection products (PPP)

A contractor must obtain the decision on the appointment for conducting efficiency test of PPP prior to the implementation of the activity.

A contractor must also acquire a certificate on the fulfilment of the conditions of good experimental practice for the official recognition of efficiency test for the registration of PPP: These conditions are examined and confirmed by the competent authority within the scope of appointment and the issue of the decision.

An application for the appointment is lodged with the competent authority.

The committee establishes the fulfilment of conditions by reviewing the documentation and the on-site inspection. The competent authority issues a decision on the appointment for five years and enters the contractor in the contractors' list.

A contractor must provide expert staff, appropriate technical equipment, facilities and agricultural areas. A contractor must have a suitable reference and provide the incompatibility of interests.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal
  • Competent authority: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food

Other activities

If the contractor still wants to pursue the activity of efficiency testing of PPP after the period of five years, he must lodge another application for the extension of the decision with the competent authority. With it he submits the same attachments as for the first issue of the decision, but without an example of a test.

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Last updated: 23. 09. 2015