Public authorisation for the issuing the permits

On the basis of the public call, a public authorisation is awarded to legal and natural entities that operate in the field of fishing.

  • issuing of annual sea fishing permits,
  • issuing of daily or weekly fishing permits for recreational fishing and
  • issuing of annual permits for sport fishing with a spear gun.

The competent authority publishes a public tender to award the public authorisation for the issuing of permits.

Only the Sea Sport Fishing Federation of Slovenia issues the recreational fishing permits in Slovenia.

The public authorisation is awarded with a decision for a limited period.

In addition to the operation in the field of fishing, a legal or natural entity must also provide the following conditions:

  • operation in the market;
  • article of association;
  • expert qualification;
  • appropriate infrastructure.

A holder of the public authorisation must also keep records on the issued permits and fishing permits.

The public authorisation is revoked from a holder of the public authorisation, if:

  • final decision of the competent authority establishes irregularities in his operation in terms of implementation of the public authorisation;
  • a holder fails to fulfil prescribed conditions;
  • major irregularities are established during the supervision over the implementation of the public authorisation.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Administrative dispute
  • Competent authority: Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Legal basis/grounds

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